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Aerobic Table Tennis

Aerobic Table Tennis

Aerobic Table Tennis is the brainchild of UK coach Steve Rowe

How can we get more females involved in the great game of table tennis ?

Innovative Answer

England’s Steve Rowe, who coaches in Wigan, an industrial city on the outskirts of Manchester in the north west of England, has devised a quite unique solution.

The answer is Aerobic Table Tennis!

Increase Female Involvement

“I was trying to think of ways to get more females involved in table tennis, so I looked at what females like to do for exercise in general”, said Steve Rowe. “I researched and found out that women like Aerobics and any form of exercise activity that includes music. Most of all women prefer a group activity.

The result is a programme has been organised that includes Aerobic movement with music ( table tennis specific ) and table tennis

Ideal Scenario

Therefore, you burn off the calories, you strengthen heart and lungs, make friends, have fun and you learn to play table tennis!

It is Utopia.