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Having a combination of a specially selected blade and rubber sheet can put points on your game. Our specialists can recommend a personally selected blade and rubber sheets to suit your style and level of play from the wide range that we have available. Complete your personal bat advice form on the website or ring us and speak to one of our experts


 Our specialist staff at Tees Sport can recommend a personally designed bat to suit your style and level of play. A blade with a comfortable grip with the right speed and control together with the rubber sheets which are often different types of thicknesses on the opposite side of the bats can provide the maximum benefit for your game.


 It makes sense to use a personal bat. If you play a strong heavy top spin on the forehand a fast spinny rubber will help your game. If you chop or block on the backhand more control may be required. This principle applies to all competitive levels of table tennis players but finding the right combination to suit your game is the job of an expert.


Butterfly table tennis tables have been used for many important international events that have taken place in the United Kingdom over the last two decades. These include the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships in Glasgow, the World Championships in Manchester, the European Championships Birmingham, several English Opens and the majority of the English and Scottish National Championships.

Butterfly Table Tennis Tables are also used for a large number of Open and Closed Championships throughout the United Kingdom. We have 50 Butterfly Europa Table Tennis Tables plus nets, posts, surrounds, scoring machines and umpires tables available for hire with the transport service to deliver them.  Most of the Table Tennis England Grand Prix, VETTS Association tournaments and many County and local championships use the Butterfly Europa table tennis tables as well as the Butterfly 3 star balls. Butterfly table tennis equipment is also used for the British Para Table Tennis National Championships.

Butterfly Table Tennis Tables are selected by many of the leading clubs in the United Kingdom for use in their centres and playing halls. Many of the players prefer the 25mm Anti Skid playing top which provides the best consistency and reliability of the bounce. The Anti Skid playing top is supplied with a choice of 3 undercarriage systems. The centrefold uses the Space Saver system, the Octet which is supplied with the two separate halves using the 8 wheel system and finally the Europa system which is a model used by most top clubs uses the compact system.